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Are you like me.....longing for the days when a man's word meant something? When a handshake was all it took because folk had integrity? When words like honor, integrity and chivalry meant something? When you could have a decent conversation with a person without having to worry what their angle was or what they wanted from you? If you are then congratulations, I think we're slowly becoming dinosaurs due for extinction. I am old school. In values and beliefs. You'll find no pushy, scripted, slick talking, salesman here..just an honest guy who cares and wants to help.
I am a U.S.Marine and former Sheriff's Deputy who got into this business for one reason and one reason save people from slick talking sales people who aren't listening to you....they're just waiting for you to stop talking so they can try their latest script on you. So if honesty, honor, integrity, strong moral values, and hard work are what you value and feel you deserve...then we'll get along just fine. Call me.
Residential Properties, Listing Agent, Relocation
I have 2 years of experience in real estate
I speak English
The Maricopa Real Estate Company
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