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I've been involved in the real estate business for over 24 years full-time and have helped hundreds and hundreds of families buy and sell their homes successfully. Over the years I've developed, proven ,repeatable strategies that I can apply to virtually any property. If you're considering to sell a home and maximize your selling price, these strategies can make a huge difference in the outcome of your sale. It can mean as much as 5 to 10% more in sales price than by the methods of traditional real estate agents. For helping home buyers , I guide them through the process very carefully using a very detailed "Smart Home Buyer Strategy" . Not only do I find the perfect home at the right price, but I help buyers avoid thousands of dollars in expenses both in the short-term and long-term ownership of the home. Most buyers are not even aware of some of the key items that can make a huge difference in how to build wealth through real estate. Every client we accept to work with knows they've got somebody to protect their best interest and carefully guide you through the whole process without missing even one detail. If
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